Effective Digital Marketing for your Business using Google Search Ads

Getting your website found online is an edge over competitors in the digital space. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will get your website ranked higher organically amounting to more visitors on search engines such as Google. In highly competitive and saturated markets however, an extra boost in your website’s ranking can really make the difference in getting your business noticed online. This is where Google Search Ads enter the equation.

Google Search Ads

Chances are you’ve encountered Google Search Ads in the past if you use Google’s search engine along with 90% of all internet users. A Google Search Ad appears at the top of a set of search results for relevant searches. These ads can be recognized by the small “Ad” text next to the link.

Google Search Ad Example

Search ads are configured through Google Ads and generally consist of a link to the designated landing page, headline, and description although other extensions are available based on the goals of the ad. Once these sections have been built out, search keywords for your ad, geographic locations to show the ad in, and a daily budget can all be set before going live.

When it comes to the effectiveness of your ad, the configuration details, budget (too low of a budget in a competitive market may not yield good results), and the ad quality itself affect results. Google determines ad quality based on the clickthrough rate (determined by how many clicks per ad view), as well as both the ad and the link landing page’s relevance to the search query. Setting the appropriate budget for ads really depends on the industry. Google ads use an auction-style model meaning what other businesses are willing to pay in order to rank higher using Google ads will determine the bid per click for your business. Insights for different industries can be found at the budget setting phase of the ad configuration.

Keeping all of these factors in mind will ensure the best overall results for your ad and give your business an overall boost in achieving your goals using Google Search Ads. Google will email weekly updates on how your ad is performing, their suggestions for improvements, and you are also able to make edits to current campaigns at any time.

Still not sure where to start?

Alpine Creative can help with your digital marketing through the use of Google Search Ads. With a certification recognizing mastery of the fundamentals of building and customizing effective search campaigns from Google, we’re here to help drive traffic to your website. Contact Alpine Creative today to start the conversation about reaching more customers using Google Search Ads.

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash